Live van Wendland

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* Bella Ciao auf der Schiene
* Lieselotte Meyer stellt sich quer
* Glühwürmchen – ein Liebeslied an die Castoren
* Tut uns leid
* Leviten – zu den Polizisten

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wi(e)dersingen / sing again(s)t

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for sit-ins & other protests against nuclear waste
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We‘re meeting in Trillke, Hildesheim, Nov. 15-18, creating performances and music. The bicycle trip has been cancelled due to lack of interest. We will still perform from Nov. 24 in Wendland and are looking for more musicians and performers. Call or write if you want to meet in Hildesheim or Berlin.

Wir treffen uns in Trillke, Hildesheim, 15.-18.Nov., kreieren Performances und Musik. Die Radreise fällt wegen mangelnder Interesse aus. Wir treten aber noch im Wendland ab dem 24. Nov. auf und suchen weitere Musiker und Performer. Ruf an oder schreibe falls du in Hildesheim oder Berlin treffen willst.

i want to continue cycling

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After 19 months on the 2wheels4change Asia Tour, i‘ve seen enough of sick landscapes — never-ending fields and rivers littered with plastic trash, mountain tops plastered with factories, country roads stuffed full with colonies of trucks filled with stones, coal and other raw materials.

And here in Europe: Radioactive nuclear waste is being shipped across the continent again and stored in the still unsafe salt mines in Germany. Nuclear power plants are also being built, despite the catastrophe in Japan, and despite the possibility of switching to renewable energy.

Last but not least, i must ask myself: Why is so much energy spent to over-produce food, which is in many cases not even healthy? Why spend so much energy to create materials that are used only once or products that really are just luxuries?

Only a clown can laugh about it.
So i‘m laughing and crying, at the same time.

„Castorle“ Theater

It’s time to transport „Castor“ containers around the country ourselves, in order to collect all of the the things that have become radioaktive. With bicycles, of course, we‘ll ride into the glowing sunset, geiger counter in one hand a violin bow in the other. Let’s not forget the accordion or the mutants with the long legs . . .

i‘m looking for people for street theater and music performances, currently for November 13-28, 2011.

We‘re meeting on Nov. 13 in Trillke, Hildesheim, in order to get to know each other through theater improvisations and music sessions. We‘ll show each other our experiences with clowning, interpretive dance, interactive theater, stilts and probably much more.

on the road

On Nov. 16, we‘ll cycling toward Dannenberg and present our performances in many towns.

The trip will also be a mobile information stand with material from various environmental organizations about renewable energy, pulling out of the atomic age, banks‘ investments in nuclear power plants, solar cookers, and similar topics.

Some places to sleep will be organised ahead of time, but we have room for 7 people in 2 good, insulating tents.

We‘ll cook over wood fires or with our petrol stove. Hopefully we‘ll be able to try out a new self-made solar cooker.

The route is aprox. 180 km. A comfortable average speed is cycling 40 km per day and making one performance at midday.

The bicycles should have at least 3 gears, but more are better! Group material and food will be divided up among everyone’s bikes.

around Dannenberg

In Wendland we‘ll do performances at the large demonstration on Nov. 26 at 12:30pm in Dannenberg, as well as in the surrounding camps on other days.

i‘m working on a „Sing Again(st)“ song book and want to distribute it for free. For that i still need a copy shop in Berlin or Hildesheim that is willing to donate the cost of a few hundred copies . . .

Take part!

If you want to ride with us, or simply meet in the camps around Nov. 24 and do improvised performances with us, give me a call ( +49 176 99309764 ) or write ( 2wheels4change at gmail . com )

radiant greetings